Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trip To Manhattan!!!!

So my sister and I took our very first trip together to go to our neighbors wedding in Manhattan. It was a long day!!!! Here are a few pics from our adventure! And maybe a video!

So we decided to sing as loud as we could to 3 Dog Night!!!

This was my bestfriend all the way there and back!!!! I couldn't have made it without you!!!
This is the lovely truck that we followed most of the way there, and every time I tried to pass him someone was coming the other way!!!!
One of many barns we saw on the way there!!! And this one happens to be a friend of mines parents barn!!!
Another Barn!!!
Guess what? Another Barn!!!

On our way we decided to stop by our Grandparents old house in Council Grove! It is called the Corey House!!! They moved out and someone turned it into a bed and breakfast (and painted it this gross pink).

We were taking pics out in front of it and then some people asked us if we needed some help and we told them that it was our Grandparents house and the lady was so nice she let us go inside and look around. We had not been there in many year, since we were real little.

This is on the front of the Corey House and tells about it!

We finally made it to the church!!!!

This is the car that the Bride and Groom road away in after the wedding!

So needles to say we had a good time, but it was a really long day!


Amanda said...

It looks like fun. I wish I could do that with my sister.

Robin said...

Did we go up to Manhattan on the same day? We went on the 23rd.

Lisa said...

yep it looks like we did!!! funny! i was thinking about you on the way there too!