Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back From Camp....And Missing It!!!!

RFKC was so much fun this year. I am missing the RFKC family and the kids. They are all near and dear to my heart. They all have helped me to grow as a person in some way or another.

We had water fights, injuries, sickness, lots of heat, laughs that made your stomache hurt for days, ear muffs, pool talks, singing, learning about God, and much more!!!!

This year I felt that I got to know more kids than I have in the past years. I think i talked to all of the girls at least once and some of the boys too! That is impressive for me (I don't talk that much)!

Please pray for those kids that went, as well as those who served!

Blessings to all!


Robin said...

It was a good week wasn't it?
I think I know more about the woman staffers than I had hoped to HAHAHAHAHA Informative tho:}

Lisa said...

your telling me...but i learn alot (more than i would if i were at home) hahah

momma24 said...

Okay, you guys really needed to know those things!! I have so much more information that I could share, if you want!!! ;)

Lisa said...

of course i want to know more...all i was told were the things that you hear at school...i i know that is totally not right! we just need to have a little sit-down and lay it all out! haha

Robin said...

I just had my visit and was told things that should never be said from one female to the other. Ugh!!!!!
I don't want to know any more.