Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Job Update!

So here is the update on the job situation.

I did hear anything about the job that I applied for for about a week and a half. Then TODAY I got a call from the HR lady and she said she was out of town, but another lady at a diffrent branch was supposed to call me...SHE DIDN'T, until today. So I got another interview with her tomorrow. But then I got another call at 4:57 from another guy in the HR department about the original job that I interviewed for and he wants to talk to me about that position again...I think he might give it to me, but I am not sure. So, I am in a bit of a pickle between two jobs in the same company! This is a good thing, but very stressful for me!

1 comment:

Robin said...

Are they sure they know what they are doing and it isn't for the same job?
You'll get the one you are suppose to get.