Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I finally heard back this morning that I got the job that I originally applied for and I start on the 15th doing the training!!! YAY (I am singing and dancing at the same time)!!!! I can't wait! I do need some more dress pants and better shoes, cause if you know me at all...I don't really dress up and I have to wear buisness clothes!!! Yikes!!! So if you know of any sales please let me know!


Amanda said...

Congratulations! I will watch for sales.

Robin said...

That is so great!!!!!!!!
You must be jumping out of yur skin.
Good Luck, you'll do great.

momma24 said...

WOOHOO!! Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!!!
I don't know of any sales right now, but you might check Eddie Bauer they have really good sales sometimes. :)

Robin said...

How did you get to be followers of my blog. What did you do? I would like to learn more.

Lisa said...

On the dashboard page it ask if you would like to follow any one and you just paste the URL link you the site you want to follow!