Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sadness and Tears

Well it's been just less than 2 weeks since my mom passed away. I still don't understand death and why those we love have to become sick and leave us. Could God not have choosen my mom? Why couldn't He have choosen me or someone else to suffer in such pain? I wish she was here. I miss her terribly. She is going to miss out on so much in my life; seeing me live on my own, hopefully getting married and having children. It makes me so sad that she will be missing out and not be able to share those with her.

At night I lay awake praying that this is all just a dream and I will soon wake up and see my mom once again. I want to see her sitting in her chair watching the news drinking her coffee. I want to see her sitting in the blechers during sports events. I want to see her in the kitchen making our favorite dishes. I want to see her sitting at work and loving it. I just want to see her again. I miss my mom.

Lord, I am deeply saddened that you had to take my mom away from me. 25 years is not long enough. I wanted more time, I needed more time. Why? Why? Why did you have to take her away? I want her back. Are you going to take care of me?


sunshine said...

Oh baby, I wish I had answers or some way to take away the pain. I love you. God loves you and will work this together for your good. hang on to Him.

Ky said...

Oh, Lisa! I'm so sorry. It's so hard and I wish we could take away the pain. Hold on to Jesus! He's there for You. Love you!